2012 OFSAA AA Ontario Championships

Gold Medal Game Results: (5)Vaughan Road defeated (4)ACMT 73-58
Game Stats:
Vaughan Road: Johnneil Simpson 30 points; Brandon John 23 points
ACMT: Steven Musungayi 16 points; Hamid Nassek 14 points

Bronze Medal Game Results: (3)St Francis defeated (16)Bishop Marrocco 56-44
Game Stats:
St Francis: Pat Pilato 27 points (five 3-ptrs); Connor Dick 10 points
Bishop Marrocco: Johnathan Layne 27 points; Hezron Bartholomew 6 points

Semi Final Results:
(5)Vaughan Road defeated (16)Bishop Marrocco 74-62
Game Stats:
Vaughan Road: Johnneil Simpson 24 points (three 3-ptrs); Brandon John 16 points; Alex Dawkins 15 points
Bishop Marrocco: Johnathan Layne 38 points; Khaleel Walker 13 points

(4)ACMT defeated (3)St. Francis 68-57
Game Stats:
ACMT: Gaddiel Kienansatuko 13 points; Steven Musungayi 11 points (three 3-ptrs); Emmanuel Mukana 6 points
St. Francis: Patrick Pilato 18 points (16 in 2nd Half); Cole Cheropita 15 points; Thomas Lalande 10 points (three 3-ptrs);

Quarter Final Results:
(16)Bishop Marrocco defeated (10)Twin Lakes 67-49
Game Stats:
Bishop Marrocco: Johnathan Layne 44 points; Ricardo Aureliyo 12 points
Twin Lakes: Mitch Farrell 22 points; Sean Clendinning 12 points

(5)Vaughan Road defeated (15)Lourdes 72-56 (Streamed earlier)
Game Stats:
Vaughan Road: Johneil Simpson 21 points; Brandon John 16 points; Alex Dawkins 13 points; Rakim McFarlane 12 points
Lourdes: Sharief Peru 22 points; Mike Finoro 12 points

Quarter Finals @St. Francis (Not streamed)
@6pm: (3)St. Francis defeated (12)St Matthews 68-60
St Francis: Pat Pilato – 34 pts; Cole Cheropita – 11 pts
St Matthews: Keonte Mouaga – 16 pts; Seb Mangan – 14 pts

@8pm: (4)AMCT defeated (7)Nicholson 42-40

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2012 OFSAA AA Basketball Championship Info:
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